Paweł Dziedzic

Sketch, Darkart, Blackwork

He began to make the first lines on the body in 2017 and until that time he is steadily developing in the art of tattooing. He does not limit himself to a specific style, he likes to work in black and white and create dark, climatic work. In addition to the passion for tattooing, he is amazed at the view of professionally skin-prone skin and observing how customers fold in & nbspagonia. His favorite motto is "everyone can do it". Unfortunately, it can not plow the skin, which is why everyone in the studio laughs with it and can not make their dreams come true.

instagram: @dziedzictattoo

Agata Woźniak - Epileptyk

Dotwork, Linework, Sketch

Agata is a student at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Favorite artists are: Gerhard Richter, Egon Schiele and Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini. In addition to art, he loves horse riding and loves all possible animals in the specificity of his rabbit Marian. She is patient and informal, she will not refuse any artistic challenge which translates into rapid development.

instagram: @epileptyk

Aleksandra Łukasiak - Lexie Salome

Dotwork, linework, fineline, watercolor, sketch

Lexie specializes in sketchy style, dotes and very detailed tattoos, and recently colorful flowers appear in her works. In her free time, she creates female portraits.

instagram: @lexietattoo

Mateusz Kiełczyński - Gerard

Realism, Watercolor, Sketch

Mateusz Gerard is an extremely patient person, ready to take on the biggest challenges in the field of tattooing. He enjoys work on & nbsp; topics related to nature. In addition to tattooing, he deals with photography When he does not do tattoos or photos, he spends hours watching Netflix and managing our tattoo studio.

instagram: @loonygerard

Daniel Gembus

Sketches, inscriptions, graphics

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, a graphic designer with many years of experience. She is very fond of mixing various media in the design process. Usually it is accompanied by the sounds of alternative electronic music. In his free time from work, he devotes himself to easel painting, running, general development exercises, cycling, watching movies or reading books.

instagram: @danielgembustattoo

Mateusz - Chciałam Dobrze

fineline, sketch, watercolor

Simple and delicate watercolor tattoos with a sketchy outline. He likes to make tattoos of a female character

instagram: @chcialamdobrze

Maciej Młotkowski

Neotraditiona, New school, Old School linearart

What I love about the neo-traditional style is that it gives you a lot of scope for creating compositions and using your creativity. One of my favorite aspects of working as a tattoo artist is talking to clients and working out interesting ideas together.

instagram: @neotradycyjny_maciej

Paweł Szubski

madala, geometric, linearart, oldschool

I started my adventure with tattoos a little over 4 years ago, when I decided to radically respond to the lack of satisfaction with the work done so far and terminated the contract in the corporation.

instagram: @szutattoo

Dominika Szpila

linearart, mandala, minimal photo
I like to design mandalas and delicate floral ornaments, sometimes somewhat unreal compositions composed of things around us, adding glitch accents. My hobbies are traveling and making dream catchers as large decorations for bedrooms or living rooms. I am interested in topics related to dreams and the subconscious. I love plants and the ocean!

instagram: @tu_szpila