1. The first night (In the case of wrapping the tattoo in plastic wrap)
    1. After completing tattooing and cleaning the tattoo, the artist smears the fresh tattoo with a special cream or medical Vaseline.
    1. The foil should be removed after reaching home or after a maximum of 4 hours.
    1.  After removing the foil, the tattoo should be washed with water or water with the addition of delicate natural soaps. Then dry with paper towels.
    1. Leave the tattoo dry until you go to sleep.
    1. (If from the moment of removing the plastic warp applied by the artist to the moment of going to sleep, we are forced to stay away from the house – in conditions threatening the purity of a fresh tattoo.
    1.  Before the first night, smear the tattoo with a thin layer of ointment and wrap it in the food plastic foil.
  2. Care:
    1. Apply a thin layer of tattoo for about 2 weeks with an ointment.
    1. – Use only ointments such as EasyTattoo, H2Ocean Aftercare, Balm Tattoo, Tattoo Cream, New Ink Aftercare, Tattoomed or other designed for tattoo healing.
    1.  Ointments such as Bepanthen and Alantan are not ointments for tattoo healing!
    1.   Lubricate about 3-4 times a day.
    1.   For the first days, rinse the tattoo and dry before lubricating. (It is very important to keep the tattoo clean for the first days, because the body will release various body fluids and mascara.)
    1. Wash with water or water with the addition of delicate natural soaps or baby soaps.
    1. Repeat the washing and lubricating process for the next two weeks, at least 3-4 times a day.
    1. For the first 48 hours, you can wrap the foil in cases of exposure to unfavorable conditions. However, it should be remembered that the tattoo under the foil heals longer and can burn off. Do not hold the tattoo under the same foil for more than 3 hours.
  3. What else to keep in mind.
    1. Massage the ointment into the skin, do not leave excess cream on the skin.
    1. After about a week the skin starts to peel, do not scratch the skin.
    1. The skin after the tattoo may be swollen and reddened for up to several days. (usually 3-4)
    1. For 3 days after tattooing – no alcohol, the tattoo will heal badly, because alcohol slows down the healing process.
    1. Avoid physical exercise (gym, sport) for at least a week, recommended 2 weeks.
    1. After 2 weeks, we can set aside ointments and go on to regular moisturizing balms
    1. For 20 days we avoid long baths, and for a month the tattoo is exposed to the sun (just cover it)
    1. Do not scratch the scabs arising in the healing process because tattoo losses can occur!
    1. Do not strain and expose the skin to stretching at the site of tattooing as this may lead to its dilution.
    1. After healing the tattoo, use the tattoo filters when they are exposed to the sharp sun. (Filter is best SPF 50 + 0) Not using filters leads to significant fading of colors.

(in the summer, it is recommended to apply daily filters for outdoor tattoos, eg on the forearms, legs, neck)