There are several options for booking a date:

1. Write directly to the selected artist via e-mail, facebook or instagram
2. Fill out the form available in the gallery of each artist
3. Write a message on the facebook or instagram profile of the studio

In our studio, we make tattoos only for adults.

Tattoo prices in our studio start from 200 PLN. However, the price depends on the size and experience of the artist.

The best way to get a tattoo quote is to consult a studio or a selected artist,

Yes, the tattoo hurts. However, it is a pain to bear. The interruption of the tattoo due to the too high level of pain happens in less than 1% of our clients.

The process of initial healing of the tattoo lasts about 2 weeks. Full regeneration of the epidermis at the place of the tattoo takes usually over a month.

Information on this subject can be found on our website in the “HEALING TATTOO” tab or you will receive information on the spot in our studio.

Payment in our studio is possible only with cash. Each of our artists runs an self-employed or company that prevents us from entering the terminal for card payments.

Yes. The deposit is PLN 200 or in the case of tattoos cheaper than PLN 400 it is 50% of the value.

We recommend that you come to the studio after a good breakfast and a good night’s sleep. It is best not to consume alcohol 24 hours before surgery because it can cause excessive bleeding, which will extend the work on the tattoo or prevent its completion.