Warsaw, Chorągwi Pancernej 48

The tattoo artist is not responsible for complications resulting from surgery and bad handling of the fresh tattoo.

  1. Tattoo is an artistic craft – a commodity made to order, the fee is not refundable.
  2. In the case of a significant loss of a tattoo parts, a free improvement of tattoo is available for free, but not later than 90 days from the moment it is made.
    (If the tattoo needs improvement, we recommend improving it witch your next session if it’s planned, it facilitates the healing process and does not limit our life for an additional 2-3 weeks, as if this were done separately. )
  3. Minor losses / clearances that do not adversely affect the general look of the tattoo are not subject to improvement.
    (The skin of each customer can react differently to the tattoo. It is normal that the body can expel a small part of the ink from the skin, regardless of the quality of application and the appropriate healing process. Such situations are very rare, however, should have such a possibility in mind,any doubts you should consult the artist.)
  4. The artist may interrupt the tattoo process in case of deterioration of the client’s mood or occurrence of skin changes that may affect the tattoo.

In the event of discontinuation of the tattooing, the cost of the session is a value adequate to the current hourly price list. (PLN 250 / h)

  1. The implementation of a tattoo is connected with the permission to take a photo or film documenting a given tattoo and a possible publication in the press, social media portals and for use for marketing purposes.
    Photos of certain places, such as hips, sternum, ribs, etc., often require the unveiling of intimate places to properly show the entire tattoo. By accepting the regulations you undertake to present the tattoo while taking a picture in the manner indicated by the artist. The artist undertakes to publish the tattoo in a way that does not directly show visible intimate places or without censorship.
  2. Current session prices (applies to sessions performed in a shop in Warsaw, prices of tattoos made by our artists in other tattoo shops depend on the price list of a given studio or individual arrangements between the artist and the client.)
    The duty depends on the working hours :
    250 PLN / h or individually set price for a complete design.
    Prices quoted at the registration are approximate and subject to change. The artist is not able to predict the exact time of work on a given pattern. Working time depends on the detail of the tattoo, the difficulty resulting from the selection of the site and possible skin problems.
    Session time includes: preparation for the procedure, tattooing and breaks .
  3. The customer, by paying a deposit, agrees to doing tattoos.
  4. The client undertakes to comply with the healing process according to the instructions below.