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1. The customer is obliged to read the regulations

2. Rules regarding entries:

1.1. Each tattoo is priced individually.
The price depends on the hours needed to complete tattoo or an individual fixed price.
The term of tattooing is determined at the booking day.
To book a date, we take deposit of PLN 200.
We expect 3 days from the date of booking day to pay the deposit to our bank account. After this period, the reserved date of tattooing may be canceled.
When signing up for several dates, a deposit of PLN 200 is required for each meeting.
For tattoos with a value of PLN 400 and a lower value, the amount of deposit is determined individually.
The deposit is non-returnable.
(if the artist cancels the session, it is refundable in the amount of 100%)
The date of tattooing without the loss of the deposit can be changed once, up to 7 days before the date of the tattoo. A change in a shorter period than up to 7 days from the set date results in the loss of the deposit.
Failure to meet the reserved date results in the loss of the deposit.
The tattoo artist has the right to change the date of the meeting if he / she decides that: changes in the body have been made impossible to properly execute it;
the physical condition of the client or his skin prevents proper tattoo procedure;
(change of the date not resulting from the fault of the artist is tantamount to losing the deposit).
In the case of an illness of the artist on a reserved day, the studio returns 100% of the value of the deposit or with the consent of the client, reserve the nearest possible date.

3. Rules for the tattoo design and tattoo procedure:

3.1. A tattoo design is an interpretation of the tattoo artist based on the client’s description or reference.
  3.2. The project is subject to a one-off correction on the day of the session.
  3.3. Tattoos are copyrighted. Copying is prohibited.
  3.4. The tattoo design is presented on the day of the procedure.
  3.5. The tattooer has the right to refuse a tattoo without giving a reason.
  (applies in the event that the client requests a tattoo other than the one agreed upon when registering)
  3.6. The tattoo is an artistic craft and the end result is different from the presented pattern.
  3.7. The artist has the right to modify the design during the procedure, if he thinks it is necessary.

4. The rules in the studio:

4.1. The client may not be under the influence of alcohol and / or other intoxicants while tattooing.
 4.2. If the Artist agrees, the client may bring one accompanying person. This person will be in the waiting room.
 4.3. The studio is completely non-smoking and drinking alcohol or other drugs.
 4.4. Bringing animals is forbidden.
 4.5. It is forbidden to touch any objects at the Artist’s workplace.
 4.6. The client has the right to check the sterility of needles and tubes (grips) before the procedure.
 4.7. It is forbidden to eat meals at the place of the procedure. (the ban does not apply to drinks)
 (The ban covers the entire room where treatments are performed, meals can be eaten in the waiting room.)
 4.8. If the tattoo requires the clothes to be removed, the customer has the right to ask for a separate treatment area using a screen. Due to the need for adequate skin tightening, at the tattoo site, the artist has the right to request the disclosure of a larger part of the body or removal of a given clothes / underwear to improve work.
 4.9. Each of the Artists staying in the studio sublet the workplace and is not a tattoo studio employee. In order to receive a receipt, proof of payment, please contact the Artist directly.

5. Studio performs treatments for adults.  

For minors, the physical presence of a legal guardian is required when enrolling or surgery. The guardian’s written consent is allowed. The person must be at least 17 years old.

In the event of a discrepancy between the names of the child and the legal guardian, a document confirming the connections between the persons is required.

6. Tattoo is done at your own risk.

​The tattoo artist is not responsible for complications resulting from surgery and bad handling of the fresh tattoo.

7. Tattoo is an artistic craft

A commodity made to order, the fee is not refundable.

8. In the case of a significant loss of a tattoo:

You have right to free improvement of a given fragment after full healing of the tattoo affected by the amendment, but no later than 90 days from the moment carry it out.
(If the tattoo needs improvement, we recommend that you do the improvement on another tattoo, which facilitates the healing process and does not limit our lives for an additional 2-3 weeks, as if it were the case with such treatments separately.)

9. The artist may interrupt the tattoo process.

The tattoing may be interrupted* if the client’s condition deteriorates or skin changes occur that may affect the tattoo.

*If the tattoing is discontinued, the cost of the session is adequate to the current hourly price list. (PLN 300 / h) or an individually agreed amount with the artist

10. The implementation of a tattoo is connected with the permission to take picture.

Artysta ma prawo do wykonania

Artis have your permission to take a photo or film documenting a given tattoo and a possible publication in the press, social media portals and for use for marketing purposes.
Photos of certain places, such as hips, sternum, ribs, etc., often require the unveiling of intimate places to properly show the entire tattoo. By accepting the regulations you undertake to present the tattoo while taking a picture in the manner indicated by the artist. The artist undertakes to publish the tattoo in a way that does not directly show visible intimate places or without censorship.

11. The client undertakes to comply with the healing process

Healing proces can be found under link below.

12. The customer, by paying a deposit, agrees to the implement tattoo process