A private tattoo shop in Warsaw's Wilanów district.

Do you know that the Zmora are the souls of living people who, at night, during sleep, left the body of their “host” to strangle, suck the blood and life force from other sleeping people?

– Bestiariusz słowiański, P. Zych, W. Vargas


Tattoo Shop in Warsaw

Decorating your body with drawings has been rooted since the dawn of time in many cultures. Although, until recently, tattoos have caused negative associations, they have grown to become a popular expression of expression, a way to emphasize character and stand out from the crowd. Often they have a much deeper meaning than just ornament – they are a symbol of feeling, they commemorate important moments of life or close to the person’s heart. They also help to mask these unwanted souvenirs – they often cover surgical scars and traces of injuries. In order for the pattern placed on the skin not to lose its attractive appearance over time, it must be done in a professional and safe manner. All interested in making a tattoo are invited to our studio in Warsaw. We value creativity and we willingly undertake even the most demanding challenges.

Why Us?

Zmora is a unique debutant on the Warsaw tattoo scene. Our location and qualified artistic staff make our studio have a warm and domestic character, retaining customers for more than one tattoo. Our team consists of experienced artists, and each pattern made by them, is developed with extreme accuracy, and maintaining the highest standards and hygiene of the treatment.


We invite you to the beautiful and quiet Wilanów district. To ensure the greatest comfort of work while giving your hands space that will de-stress you, we have provided you with the whole house to develop and make your dream tattoo with the greatest accuracy. In the breaks you can get some fresh air in our garden and from time to time join the joint grilling!

Working Time.

Every day you can visit us without any announcements between 10: 00-16: 00, however, practically with any of our artists, you can arrange a private consultation and tattoo procedure outside of opening hours.

Tattoo techniques.

We are perfectly aware of the number of guests visiting our studio, so many different tastes. Our artists specialize in various techniques, thanks to which we are able to propose a theme that meets the expectations. One of the most popular styles is realism. Tattoos made in this technique are characterized by almost photographic accuracy and surprising details. They are performed both in black and white as well as in a full range of colors. A large group of enthusiasts also gets dotwork. Classic lines are replaced in it by dots, which are arranged in geometric patterns, and often in whole complex compositions, covering large areas of the body. The effect similar to the picture painted with water paints is obtained in a technique called watercolors – colors seem to pour bright spots out of the contours. There are also lovers of old school tattoos with a strongly accented contour or projects reminiscent of pencil sketches. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the current realizations of our artists.

Hygiene during tattooing.

Although it seems to be a spontaneous work, making a tattoo is a procedure that violates the skin. Even the smallest amount of blood is treated as a potentially infectious agent, which is why during the session the key is to ensure the safety of both the artist and the tattooed person. Observance of basic hygiene rules not only eliminates the risk of disease transmission or the occurrence of infection, but also significantly accelerates the healing process. The entire disposable equipment used in our studio is utilized in specially designed containers after use, as well as all materials that have direct contact with skin. During tattooing, the artists wear nitrile gloves, which in the event of tearing or excessive dirt are constantly changed. Before the surgery, we also wash our hands with a special antibacterial solution that removes pathogenic microbes from them. We use similar means to clean the workplace and armchairs.


The preferred method of contacting our studio is social media and messages sent through our form. In urgent matters, you can contact our management team at 573 065 146
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